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Adult Ministries

No matter your age, there are a lot of things planned for adults at FCC. From our Just Grads/Early 20's group to our Senior Saints outings, there is always a place for you. We plan special trips, parties, and service projects for everyone to be involved with. One of the basic drives of our humanity is to belong. That's why we focus on small group events for our adult ministries.

FCC Fairfield Small Groups

God never intended for us to live the Christian life alone. From the beginning of the church on the day of Pentecost, Christianity was lived together, not only connected to God, but to His word and to each other. We believe that building strong, meaningful relationships is a big part of God’s design for our lives. Intentionally developing personal relationships is a key component to our sustained spiritual growth.

That’s why we try to create experiences where groups of people have the opportunity to connect with each other, to pray for one another, to study God’s Word together, and to discuss life’s issues and challenges. We want to live our lives connected; connected to God through worship, connected to the Scripture through our Sunday school classes, and connected to each other through our LifeGroups. Of course those aren’t the only places to get connected, but they’re a great place to start.

Adult Classes

Adult Classes @ 9:00 on Sunday Mornings

Young Adult Class

Various topics and books


ADULTS (25-50)
Various topics and books

Building Believers

ADULTS (45-60)
Various topics and books


Various topics and books


Standard Bible Lesson


Standard Bible Lesson


Various topics and books


Various topics and books


Standard Bible Lesson

We believe life is better connected.

LifeGroups have one purpose: to bring people together: Together with God and together with each other.

We believe God created us to live in relationship with others so that we can grow in our faith, receive care in life’s ups and downs, and serve others. Connection is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find. That’s why Lifegroups exist—to make these life- changing connections relevant and accessible to you.

This fall, our LifeGroups are going to be following along with our Sunday morning sermon series, “SoulShift”. Beginning September 12, we’ll take a look at these very important Soul Shifts. Each Sunday morning, the sermon will unpack what these Soul Shifts are with practical, biblical suggestions for life.

LifeGroups will be forming and will meet weekly throughout the Soul Shift emphasis. They will discuss the sermon and continue the study of how the Soul Shifts can restore us to God’s intended plan.

With one of our values being Life-Long Spiritual Growth, it only makes sense that we would have several opportunities for that to take place.  One of those is on Wednesday nights.

Each week, as our kids and our High School Youth Group gather, we also offer classes for our adults.  The topics of the classes may vary, but the “textbook” is always the same; Scripture.

We believe God’s Word holds the answers to the problems we face in this world.  The Bible has the truth about our situation and speaks to today’s world as much as it did to the world of Paul, Peter, James, John, and Jesus.  The classes that we offer on Wednesday night will help us to find the answers to many of the questions people are asking.

Sometimes, we choose a Book of the Bible to study through, sometimes the study is more topical, and other times, it deals with specific issues our world is facing.  But, whatever the style, we really do believe that the Bible is where we will find truth and answers for our questions.

This fall’s Wednesday night classes will be starting at the end of August, so be watching for more details.

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