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We exists to partner with families to teach and train children in Christ so that they will fall in love with Him, having a world-reaching, life-long relationship with Christ. When you come to FCC, you can expect to encounter knowledgeable, welcoming people to direct you to our Check-In station. There, a Check-In greeter will register your family & you will receive name badges with an ID code for your child. You will also receive a parent badge with the same ID code. You will be required to show this badge when you pick up your child. This ensures that all children leave only with the right people.

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FCC Fairfield

KIDS Program


9:00 AM

Jr. Worship


10:15 AM

Youth Group


6:00 PM

Starting in the nursery, at the age of 1, your child will have a chance to learn about the Bible through a lesson that helps your kids truly understand fundamental, life-changing truths. Then, we’ve designed classes for them as they grow older that will bring more and more of the truth of the Bible into their young lives. These classes are designed to provide them with the opportunity to ask the questions they want to know about God and the Bible.

Kids need to be able to worship God in a way that fits them. So during our 10:15 service, we have a high energy worship experience designed specifically for your kids. Whether they are in Preschool or Elementary School, there’s a time for worship and teaching and it’s all planned and geared just for them. For kids from Birth - 2 years old, there is a nursery available at the 9:00 and 10:15 service with trained staff to care for your child.

Sunday Nights @ 6:00

Commonly called “Youth Group”, our Sunday night program, again, is designed for Preschoolers and Elementary kids. With a Lesson each week that teaches them about how God wants them to live and a fun activity that reinforces the lesson for the evening, the kids have a great time and don’t even realize that they’re learning.

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